Local activities

Peace, quiet, fresh
air, and lots of opportunities for activities.

The location of our tourist farm is an excellent starting point for numerous sports and leisure activities. Cyclists can enjoy nature as they ride on the many forest roads and dirt roads, while climbing sites provide adrenaline-fuelled challenges.

If you are not as active, you can still enjoy some of the many marked mountain trails leading you to summits and well-supplied mountain lodges and mountain cabins. The closest mountain lodge is Zajčeva Koča, the primeval nature of which attracts and excites many different visitors.


There are no fewer than 17 marked cycling trails in the Savinja Valley. They run across the flat area of the valley and through the surrounding hills and are classified according to difficulty. The trails are interconnected and while riding them you can also see some local attractions. Cycling Trail No 17 takes you past our tourist farm. If you wish, we can also organise guided cycling trips in the immediate area. Bicycle rental is available.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking can be practised on flat land, on well-maintained forest trails, and in the hills in our immediate vicinity. (Nordic walking is a form of walking using poles, in which you can walk totally naturally. This is made possible by the use of special Nordic walking poles. The movement of the arms is the same as when walking without poles, only the steps are somewhat longer.) Upon prior arrangement, we also carry out a course and provide guided Nordic walking tours in the immediate surroundings.


You can take many short trips in the nearby hills where you can enjoy stunning views extending across our beautiful valley. If you wish, we can also organise guided hiking trips in the immediate area.

Free climbing

Climbing sites of various levels of difficulty are distributed throughout the entire valley and the mountains surrounding the Savinja Valley. The closest climbing sites are in Vransko, Kotečnik, or under Reška Planina Hill.

Picking herbs and mushrooms

In the immediate vicinity of our tourist farm, you can pick mushrooms in autumn, forest berries in spring, and blueberries and various herbs in summer.


In winter, you can go skiing at nearby ski centres such as Golte (34 km from our farm) and Rogla (60 km from our farm). After returning from skiing, you’ll find it’s the perfect time to relax in our saunas.

Farming chores

There is always plenty to do on the farm, in all seasons. Our guests also love joining in and doing various farming chores. Children in particular love feeding our farm animals, finding it a special and delightful experience.

Historical attractions

  • The Roman Necropolis, Šempeter v Savinjski dolini
  • Motorcycle Museum, Vransko
  • Firefighting Museum, Vransko
  • The Birth House of Risto Savin
  • Stopnik Baroque Church, Stopnik
  • Hop-Growing Museum, Žalec
  • Šmigl ‘Zidanica’ Vineyard Cottage, Grajska Vas

Natural attractions

  • Pekel Cave, Šempeter v Savinjski dolini
  • Ruins of Žovnek Castle, Braslovče
  • The Old Rezar House, Selo
  • Church of the Assumption of Mary, Braslovče
  • Šenek Manor and Park, Polzela
  • Three lakes: Lake Braslovče, Lake Preserje, and Lake Žovnek

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