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In the shelter of hills and unspoilt nature.

On the edge of the stunning Savinja Valley, where the Zasavje Hills blocks the passage from Štajerska to Kranjska, you can find the Municipality of Tabor. You will be surprised at the kinds of attractions and places of interest to be found in our municipality.

Local providers have prepared a taster for you with a hike on which you can learn about ethnological heritage at the Anton Pepel Beekeeping Museum and cultural heritage at St George’s Church, which has a baptistry designed by Plečnik. At the Krvavica natural monument, you will be able to admire the natural habitat of yew. You can’t get far on an empty stomach, but you can grab a bite to eat at the Laznik Farm and enjoy some lunch at the Lisjak Pond. Our town is also a great starting point for one-day or multiple-day hiking and cycling.

Beekeeping Museum

In the middle of Ojstriška Vas, on the Pepel Farm, the love for our indigenous Carniolan honeybee has been passed down from generation to generation. In order to preserve our ecotoxicological and cultural heritage, Anton Pepel put together a beekeeping museum collection. You will learn about a tool once used by beekeepers.

The Church of St George

In the second part of the 15th century, a camp-like fortified wall was built around the original Gothic building. Little remains of this wall today. In 1817, the interior of the church was redesigned in the Baroque style, and in 1900 the building was given its current appearance. The baptistry is a special feature of the interior.

Lisjak Pond

The hospitality provider Gostinstvo Lisjak and its team create a pleasant culinary experience for you in the calm shelter of the Tabor forests, in the excellent atmosphere of a ‘toplar’ hay rack. In winter, the ‘toplar’ hay rack is heated, and in the warmer months all the festivities can move outdoors to the appealingly arranged yard in front of the traditional Slovenian ‘kozolec’ hay rack.


Krvavica is a natural monument where you can find peregrine falcon nesting grounds. This is a rock formation with rocky cliffs where you can even see chamois, and this is quite rare for an elevation below 1000 metres. Here, you will find the natural habitat of yew, which has virtually disappeared in its natural environment due to clearcutting.

Laznik Farm

With a sense of tradition, the Laznik family have created a space where the barn used to be and named it ‘Stara Štala’ or ‘Old Stable’. Here you can taste their excellent cured meat products. The family’s basic tasting experience includes a presentation and tour of the farm and meat curing facilities.

Beer Fountain

The Green Gold Beer Fountain is a tribute to the hop-growing heritage of the Lower Savinja Valley and Žalec, which is the hop-growing centre of Slovenia. Slovenia is the fifth largest hop producer in the world, and hop is the ‘spice’ that gives beer its taste and its recognisable flavour.

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