A night at the ‘toplar’ hay rack

Those who wish to experience something a bit different can spend the night in a ‘toplar’ hay rack dating back a hundred years. You are invited to enjoy breakfast on the terrace of our tourist farm.

The story of the company Tehnika Cankar and the ‘toplar’ hay rack at the Weiss Farm

During World War II, and starting in 1942, the resistance printing works called Tehnika Cankar operated on the hill above the Weiss Farm. In addition to printing partisan materials, this dugout was often used to shelter couriers and other members of the resistance. Because the initial dugout became too small, the local head of the printing works, Rado Zakonjšek – Cankar, decided to build another secret haven. Because it was difficult to obtain processed wood without being noticed, the wooden beams from the ‘toplar’ hay rack were used for building. The owner of the farm, then known as the Marn Farm (now Weiss), noticed that some of the wood stacked under the hay rack was missing. He did not report the theft, as this would endanger the operation of the printing works, which, therefore, continued to operate until the end of the war.


Overnight stay with breakfast (per person per day): starting at € 40.


Tourist tax (per person per day): € 1.5

Breakfast per day: € 8


Sauna for the guests at the farm (per person): € 25 / 2 hours

Sauna for outside guests (per person): € 20 / 2 hours

Additional offer:

Mountain bike rental (per person): € 6 / 2 hours

Discounts for children:

Children under 4 years of age stay free of charge

Children ages 5–7: 50% discount


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