What are cookies and why are they necessary?

A cookie is a short text sent to the browser by the website as you visit our page. This allows the website to recognise you, remember the data regarding your visit, registration, and other settings. This makes your next visit to the website friendlier and easier. Cookies play an important role, the use of the internet would be less user-friendly without them.

Cookies help us to adjust the content of our website, record page visits, count how many visitors individual pages have received, protect your data, and remember your preferences and settings. Browsing our website with cookies is easier, faster, and more effective.

Types of cookies used

Your browser may save some of the cookies described below or all types of cookies.


Name of the cookie


Time of the cookie



This cookie is set up by the Polyland plug-in, which saves the user’s preference regarding the website language.

1 year




Cookie settings

Every user has full control over cookies and can always decide for themselves whether they will allow cookies to be saved on their device.

Cookie preferences may also be set up in your selected browser.

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